Open an Amazing Blog in Just 5 Minutes!

So you have decided to open a blog. Perhaps you have a store that you wish to publish online? Or maybe you have a hobby that you are passionate about and wish to open a blog about it?

Whichever the reason, if long ago you needed to involve a hosting company manager, a web designer, a web developer and many other people only to create your first website. These days simply in a click of a button you can create Stunningly designed websites in just under 5 minutes!

But first, in order to get your new website up an running, you will need several things:

  1. A Hosting Company.

  2. A Domain Name

  3. A WordPress Installation

Once you’ve got all the ingredients, you are good to go. Let’s dive in!

First, what is a web hosting?

A web hosting is a company that stores all your website’s data and information on their servers. This way you can build your website and be sure that all your data is safe and sound on a remote location. There are many web hosts out there, some are good, some better.

Now, you must choose a hosting company out of the 100s of hosting companies out there on the web. Let me tell you about the best hosting company I know of.

Why should you choose Bluehost?

Over that last years, bluehost was recommended as the top hosting company in the world! With millions of domains stored on their servers, quality can’t lie. Checkout some of the awesome features offered to each Bluehost member. Features that you can’t miss:

  • Premium customer service, reliability and usability
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Custom-built servers to provide the most stable and reliable hosting environment
  • Quickly get started with our one-click WordPress install provided by MOJO Marketplace
  • Expert, in-house technical support provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Unlimited websites, email accounts, and domains – all on one account at an affordable price
  • No gimmicks, no contracts. Enjoy the comfort of a 30-day money back guarantee and the option to cancel at any time.

And these features are only a glimpse of what you can receive when choosing Bluehost!

How to get you hosting up and running?

Now that you are ready to get your Hosting up and running, lets see how you can do that. First, go to Bluehost here: Bluehost Hosting

Now, before you continue, you must decide which domain name you are going to use for your website.

Creative abstract global internet communication PC technology and web telecommunication business computer concept: macro view of group of color cubes with domain names on laptop or notebook keyboard with selective focus effect

Your domain name has a huge impact of whether your customers will trust your website or not, and for that reason, you should invest some time choosing the right domain name, and not just choose any domain name that comes up to your mind. There are several guidelines that you should follow, if you wish to have more success with the website. Here are our guidelines:

1. Make it memorable
Your customers should remember your domain and brand, if you wish them to return and make more purchases. Which one do your think will be more memorable OR ?

2. Make it short
Long domains are hard to remember and are difficult to write in the browser, if one of your customers decides to get back to your site to make another purchase. Make it short & easy.

3. Include keywords
Your domain name should be related to your niche in order to get more visitors from Google and other search engines. if for example you have a niche website about auto parts, the domain “” isn’t the right one for you. However, the domain name “” will include the keywords you need, and will also be easy to remember.

4. Avoid hyphens and numbers
Hyphens and numbers are making the domain harder to remember, and also make it less authoritative. Think for a second, from which website would you choose to buy a domain, “” or “” , The better your domain looks, the more authoritative it is.

After you’ve decided your domain name, we can continue. How to signup to bluehost?

Congratulations! You’ve signed up and you are now ready to continue your WordPress Installation. WordPress is the best blogging platform out there and is usually used by over 50% of the bloggers out there.

Follow the BlueHost Video on How To Install WordPress:

Hurray! You are now ready to start blogging and share your ideas on the web! All that remains is adding some blogposts to your website! 🙂

Here is a quick tutorial on how to do it: