Quick Website Setup guide

To get your website up and running, and in order for us to build your website,

you will need to follow these simple steps:

1. Choose a Shared hosting package (Must use these hosting companies, for your website to work.)

2. Install WordPress

3. Join Amazon Associates (so you can earn money from your website)

Once that’s done, please contact us on eBay, and send us this message including the details of your website, and we will build it in less than 48 hours!

My wesbite’s details:

Website URL:
Wordpress username:
Wordpress password:
Wordpress email:
Amazon Associates Link:
Hosting Company:


Here is an example of the message you need to send us after you finished the steps:

Website URL: greatcars.com
Wordpress username: carsvendors24
Wordpress password: 143hey35a
Wordpress email: joshevans@gmail.com
Amazon Associates Link: http://astore.amazon.com/myhometheat06-20
Hosting Company: the hosting you signed up with